HCAHPS and Patient Satisfaction

1. HCAHPS and Customer Experience

Creating a Person-Centered Patient Experience

  • Learn what goes into a customer's evaluation of you and your hospital
  • Understand how the HCAHPS assessment is directly impacted by YOU!
  • Discover why HCAHPS scores are vital to your patients, your community, and your job
  • Understand how expectations and perceptions impact your ability to serve your patients as your customer
  • Learn how to communicate COURTESY,  TRUST, and RESPECT with your patients and their families
  • Gain insights on creating an environment and mindset of excellence throughout every department
  • Learn how to confidently handle emotional situations
  • Learn how to have critical (and sometimes difficult) conversations without making it personal!

2. Management and Leadership Development in Healthcare

For senior leadership, middle management, and emerging leaders

  • Learn what it takes to build high-performing teams
  • Increase your credibility and influence as a leader
  • Build TRUST and respect within your team
  • Learn how to motivate and delegate to gain efficiency and get results
  • Learn how to confidently handle team challenges
  • Deal with difficult and critical conversations without making it personal!

3. Leadership Coaching

Moving from information to daily application

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