Jack C. Randall


Jack C. Randall works with leaders and organizations who want more clarity & direction to grow themselves and their visionary leadership. As a national speaker, consultant, and executive coach, Jack presents valuable insight to both corporate and non-profit organizations. Jack’s interactive and approachable style allows participants to understand key concepts through clear and practical steps.

Jack is COO and Senior Consultant for Randall Resources International, a corporate training and consulting company that specializes in leadership development. Jack has over 25 years of marketing and upper management experience which includes the reinsurance and insurance industries. Jack’s designations include Certified Insurance Counselor, Property Claims Law Associate, and Professional Farm Mutual Manager.

Jack is an avid car enthusiast and has restored many vintage and classic cars and trucks. Jack believes that anyone can choose to look beyond the dents and scratches of life and find the hidden value that lies beneath.

Looking to make change work for you? Bring Jack to your organization and experience the positive change that will empower you and your teams to excel and your organization to move forward!