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Goal Confusion? 6 Keys to Take your Team from Frustrated to Focused

Jack C. Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM ©Randall Resources Int’l – All rights reserved. What’s keeping your team from moving forward with full unity?  In today’s fast-paced business culture, it’s not uncommon that many management teams and boards unintentionally frustrate each other.  Without a conscious, concerted means to unify, future success becomes vague and ambiguous. The […]

Your Leading Edge #3: Want to Stay the Same? CHANGE!

  Jack C. Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM © 2016 – All rights reserved. “If we don’t change, we will cease to be who we’ve been!”   WHAT?!! Recently, our church celebrated its 32nd anniversary.  My wife and I strategically selected a comfortable seat to hear the sermon.  I casually assumed, however, that due to the celebratory occasion, […]

Leading Edge #2: Are You Consistent or Committed?

Consistent. Committed.  Two simple adjectives.  In pursuit of any personal or corporate goal, both sound important, right?  However, once the original goal is envisioned, focusing your on-going actions from then on with one of these can exponentially increase your chances of achieving that goal.  Focus your actions on the other, and your chances of goal […]

Taking the STRESS Out Before It Stresses You Out!

Quit being polite! No… I didn’t say start being rude. I said quit being polite to the point that you shut down, walk away, boil, snipe, snap, and only end up venting to the people who can’t help you. Only you can help you and it’s time to start. Time after time I’ve run into […]

Co-workers, Family, and the Holiday Season

-Kathleen Randall, CSP Randall Resources International While the following article is one I re-post each year, I do so because I believe the information is timeless and a helpful reminder as each one of us goes into the upcoming weeks… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Or so the song goes. With the […]

Managing for Success: How to Hold People Accountable for Results

by Kathleen M. Randall, CSP © Randall Resources International 2014   Ever felt like you were pulling your hair out trying to get adults to do their jobs and be accountable for their progress? Chris walked in and sat down in my office. He began describing a series of missed deadlines and frustration with […]

5 Reasons Why a Strategic Plan is NOT Enough!

“Vision without Action is a daydream.  Action without Vision is a nightmare.”  -Japanese Proverb Our daughter is a certified professional chef.  Whenever I accompany her in the kitchen, I am amazed as she combines various ingredients – some of which I think should not normally go together.  She knows which are great combinations based on […]

Motivation. More than a Flavor of the Month!

by Kathleen M. Randall, CSP   Leaders and Managers are constantly looking for what is the newest and best way to motivate their people. It’s like looking for the Flavor of the Month! During our leadership training and coaching, we challenge people to motivate others by leading rather than just managing. True leadership involves the desire to dig deeper and start […]