Life Coaching / Career Coaching

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In his book, Man In The Windmill: Perceptions, Choices, and Pursuing your Calling, Jack describes a man who finds himself suddenly caught up in the raging blades of a large windmill – literally spinning out of control.  In an allegorical sense, many people today similarly find their lives “spinning” at a job or occupation that isn’t really “them”.  They feel tired, helpless, trapped, and out of control.  Is there hope for those people to stop the insanity, find the life they long for, and get back on track?  We truly believe there is!


Jack and Kathleen are fully convinced that each person has unique gifts, abilities, and talents.  As a result of having these gifts, abilities, and talents, each one of us is created with a unique, individual “calling” that we need to pursue.

Both Jack and Kathleen offer personal life / career coaching services to assist clients in their efforts to fully discover, understand, and actively pursue God’s unique calling for them and their individual roles as leaders via:

  • Objective listening
  • Constructive, reflective feedback
  • Use of various assessment tools for reflective and objective analysis
  • In-person, phone, or Skype session options.

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