Windmill Leadership®: Consulting and Facilitation


So, why bring us in from the “outside”? Simple as 1,2,3…

1. Fresh Perspectives / Fresh Focus / Fresh Vision! Copyright_WindTurbine in Lightbulb

As the old saying goes, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees all by yourself.  It is common for organizations who have been working so hard for so long to get stuck in a mindset “rut”.  We can help you out by offering new and unique perspectives, clarity, and focus.  We can help you break though old barriers and sticking points to achieve truly amazing results!  We are here to help at any level of your organization:

  • Executives, CEOs, Managers
  • Boards
  • Executive Teams / Departments / Committees
  • Staff

We can help your organization paint a picture of the future success the whole team WANTS to achieve!   Through a participatory process called Vision Casting, everyone’s expectations become aligned.  With the same outcomes clearly in mind, everyone can creatively pursue those same outcomes with creativity and renewed passion and purpose.  As an added bonus, with a clearly defined Vision in place, both Strategic Planning and Succession Planning fall into place so much easier!

2. Tools, Insights, Strategies…

Anyone can come in, offer you an opinion, run your team through some creative meetings, and hand you a report.  But how do you know if that opinion is credible?  How do you know that the time your team invests with us will be worth it and stand the test of time?

We bring to your table tools, insights, and strategies that have been proven to work and bring lazer-like focus.  We have the seasoned talent, knowledge, and ability to skillfully guide your team into new levels of creativity where they help find answers and solutions – both now and into the future.

3. Experience & Expertise…

Many types of organizations have already benefited from our services…