Leadership and Management Development

1. Power-Up! Your Leadership Effectiveness  PDF Document

For Managers Who Want to Lead More Productive Teams!

  • Learn what it takes to build high-performing teams
  • Increase your credibility and influence as a leader
  • Build TRUST and respect within your team
  • Learn how to motivate and delegate to gain efficiency and get results
  • Learn how to confidently handle team challenges
  • Deal with difficult and critical conversations without making it personal!

2. Resources for Creating High-Performance Teams

Working With Them Starts With YOU!

  • Identify and understand the communication languages within your team
  • Build TRUST and respect within your co-workers
  • Learn how to handle your emotions under stress
  • Learn how to have a difficult / critical conversation without making it personal!

3. Speaking to Your Publics and the Media  PDF Document

For Executives and Business Professionals Who Speak on Behalf of Their Organizations


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